Zebpay/UnoCoin: How to trade Buy/Sell Bitcoins in India Offers, Referral Bonus

Zebpay/UnoCoin: How to trade Buy/Sell Bitcoins in India Offers, Referral Bonus

Zebpay which is the only centre where you can buy or sell or trade Bitcoins if you are Indian and want to make transactions directly from Rupees from your account. Now a day Bitcoins are becoming more preferable currency than cash money. And if you are Indian then you have only one choice to make buy or sell of Bitcoins that is Zebpay.

Bitcoins: How it works and tutorial to use the most trending application Zebpay

First of all you need to download Zebpay application from Play-Store if you are Android Smartphone user or iOS App Store if you are iOS user. You can use the link below to download Zebpay application directly on your Smartphone.


Zebpay HomePage, Features
Zebpay HomePage, Features

After downloading Zebpay you have to sign up a new account using your mobile number. After this you have to follow below steps to trade Bitcoins over Zebpay application. Before buying or selling Bitcoins you have to verify your account using your PAN card and Bank account number.

Steps to follow to start trading and investing money in Bitcoins:-

  1. Download ZebPay application in your Smartphone.
  2. Sign up with your name and mobile number.
  3. Verify your account with your PAN card photo and Bank account number.
  4. After successful verification, Click on + button
  5. Go to account option.
  6. There you can deposit or withdraw money to or from your Bank Account to your ZebPay wallet.
  7. Once your money is visible in your Zebpay wallet then you may start buying/selling/trading Bitcoins.

That’s it. You are done.

Zebpay Deposit Withdraw Rupees
Zebpay Deposit Withdraw Rupees

Zebpay Features, Promotion referral codes, Invite and Earn Bitcoins free

Now it’s time to earn Bitcoins for free and how it should get done I will tell you. If you want to get Rs 100 Bitcoins instantly free when you do 1st transaction over Zebpay then you should download Zebpay app from this link below.


Actually the offer is if you are a Zebpay user you can participate in Invite and earn offer in which you will get 0.10% of each transaction your referral friend does in 1st year. Your friend has to use this referral code ‘REF90353087’ and your friend will get Rs 100 as referral drive bonus for downloading and trading/buying/selling Bitcoins. That means if your referral buys Bitcoins worth Rs 100 then you will get Rs 0.10paise for that transaction.


For more you should visit our another post on Zebpay Promo code to earn money online.

Zebpay Buy Sell Bitcoins
Zebpay Buy Sell Bitcoins


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