Wwe Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants, Returns Name, Winner Predictions Telecast in India

Wwe Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants

Wwe Pay per view which is takes place on 29 January 2017 at Alamodome in San Antonio Texas this is second biggest event of WWE after the Wrestlemania, now after Brand Split Raw and Smackdown this is second time they perform together which could be awesome moment of the year now we seeing so many statement from WWE Raw like match between Seth Rollins Vs Sami Zyan which turning out really great match but because of Music hits of Triple H Seth got distracted and Sami gets win which confirm his Entrance in Royal Rumble as so many superstar already announced for their entrance

Kenny Omega vs. Kazuchika Okada

Wwe Royal Rumble 2017 Retuns

Royal Rumble special event in which there is special event of 30 superstar step into ring one by one according to countdown which allows elimination only from Top rope in this battle any superstar who touch the ground from top rope will get eliminated so there is always advantage who enter at 29 position and as Royal Rumble is famous for getting surprises some new faces, NXT roaster call out some old superstar come back so here we giving some confirm and expected superstar list which will be at rumble match as Shawn Micheal already announced that he will be in the commentary section during main event of rumble match is really awesome moment for fans

Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants
Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants
  1. Goldberg (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

Goldberg who return after ten year to professional wrestling after making special appearance in promo of WWE Game 2k17 and after that he call out by brock lesnar during ESPN sport enter interview and after that Goldberg finally makes his Returns at Raw and address WWE universe after very next show of Raw Goldberg return and makes insult which turns heat on and because of this they came face to face after Goldberg defeated Brock lesnar at wrestlemania so already having lead of one victor so there are so many prediction and when they meet first time face to face we seen fear in Brock Lesnar he avoid to fight and their match announced for survivor series and the miracle happen because Goldberg beat Brock Lesnar not only this he beat him within 1:26 second which is turning out to be holly shit moment, unthinkable happen for universe as this match consider as last match of Goldberg but because of rating and chants during show up of Goldberg company wants to have more matches of Goldberg so after survivor series Goldberg cut one more promo by saying in my legacy there is one more title run so I announced my Royal rumble entrance after this fans go crazy and chats Goldberg Goldberg! Which is really awesome to see after that he return at raw last week which is last show before Rumble first ever Untertaker, Brock lesnar and Goldberg is in same ring which makes fans crazy and they chants loudly so he favourite to win Rumble match at head to Wrestlemania if this happen then he will face Roman Reigns which means title match at Royal rumble which Kevin Ownes vs Roman will be win by Roman

  1. Brock Lesnar (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

Biggest wwe part time wrestler who makes his come after loss in survivor series at this week of Monday night raw in which he also responsible for making great moment of wrestling history now there are so many prediction about Brock lesnar after big loss of his carrier as he not winning royal rumble and one more prediction is that he will be cause elimination Goldberg which schedule match at wrestlemania which could be main event again which include Brock lesnar after that 2015 main event, so there is so many chances of getting elimination of Goldberg by brock if by chance this could not happen then he must create new feud between Brawn Stroman which also most awaiting match in WWE.

  1. Undertaker (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

Most favourite wrestler on roaster which is also part time who makes comeback at Smackdown before survivor series for supporting Smack Down live team which originally planned that he will be singing for smack down but there is no confirmation from company but after making comeback second last episode of RAW he makes comeback in which he cuts promo very well by saying there will be 29 digging holes and every royal rumble superstar will be rest in peace which create big statement as there is no chances of winning royal rumble so he will gets his new opponent which will be confirm at today show expected opponent will be  Brawn Stroman or Samoa Joe.

  1. Kofi Kingston (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

New Day member who lost their tag team champions to Shaemus and cesaro so they become freebies in the wwe roaster as they officially announced his entrance which is so intresting because if you look at back his Royal rumble performance which is always awesome as he adds some atheism like hand strum and create some funny moment which create history always so he most favourite superstar for this kind of matches.

  1. Big E (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

Also member of New Day who cuts great promo at every episode with funny dance he makes universe chants universe new day rocks as we know new day is most favourite tag team when enter into arena people cheering for them as Big e very strong wrestler so he will in the ring for long time and as always there is no chances of winning because they will head to Wrestlemania in which they challenge Shaemus and cesaro so this they will enter this year as face and last year they was heel which lead to booing by universe

  1. Xavier Woods (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

He is my favourite wrestler who is best and most entertaining superstar of WWE and he is also member of new day who always entertaining with mike and as he very good wrestler because of his atheism and high fly moves he should wrestle more matches but because of getting more response from audience as new day member he involved in the entertainment stuff but he also not favourite win but still with his skill he will be impressive always in rumble match as we seen few episode ago he wrestler with Tyrse and get win over him which is really awesome see him fight after long time

  1. Big Cass (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

A S. W. A. F. T. team member enzo Amore and Big Cass who is call out from NXT roaster after debut at RAW and now they recently feud with Rusev and Jihendar Mahal as Rusev attack Enzo with help of lana they started feud which not yet end, as only Cass making entrance but there will be enzo at ring side for supporting him which going to be awesome moment because this team most popular in roaster as new day because when their music hits universe go crazy and chants how you doing and he started with his chat with people which is so funny and creative which makes them very special and if we talking about performance of big cass royal rumble we could say he will stay long time and try to attack rusev more, and so there is chances of getting involve of Jinder mahal so they can continue feud at wrestlermania now they last episode of RAW they gets their revenge after gaining win over them.

  1. Chris Jericho (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

He is most popular superstar who win award of popular comeback superstar hero of year because of his very good at ring and awesome at mike because of his catch phrase which are Stupid Idiot, Drink in it man and list of Jericho in which he wrote name of superstar when someone mess with him by saying you what happen after you mess up with, you just made the list which sound good because this as he heel from his return but because of his performance fans cheering for him which defines his greatness as second last raw he got chance 2 on 1 handicap match of united states championship between Roman Reigns Vs Kevin Ownes and Chris Jericho because of numbers games he win title in which there are lots of controversy because of wwe edit that moment turn into booing but originally fans are cheering for him because his awesomeness but during match he bit injure but still he compute for royal rumble some people thinking that chris will win rumble match because of his segment with Kevin Owens because he says I will royal rumble we could be main event which is really awesome and after that fans chatting with cheering so company may notice this but while he saying this kevin was in trouble so there are chances of getting walk out winner

  1. Baron Corbin (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

Who is first wrestler from Smack down live roaster who confirm his entrance at Rumble match because last year was won Andre the Gaint battle which really awesome because that was his first match after nxt call out which is really awesome for his carrier but he not yet own any title but he is not favourite win at Royal rumble he will gets his chance for wrestlermania for intercontinental championship against dean ambrose. Which could be his best performance in wwe

  1. Dean Ambrose (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

He is only member of Shield who making entrance because Roman is having universal champions match against kevin owens and as because of Sami defeated seth rollins which cause entrance of Rumble match and at last night he appear on NXT takeover and call out triple h and he appeared after causing world title against kevin owns so this feud will continues in royal rumble because in the match between Kevin vs Roman seth will interfere which leads to roman wins title and because of this triple h will attack him and will see match between them at wrestlemania so there is chances of of pedigree vs pedigree at wrestlemain, as dean ambrose is intercontinental champion so he not winning rumble match at all because of his further plans at wrestler mania

  1. Tye Dillinger (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

Also known as perfect 10 he most amazing superstar of nxt who working with nxt for long time so people wants see him main roaster as he is called as perfect ten most of predictions say he will making entry at number 10 which defines him last night he has match with eric young in which because interfere his team member he secured win over him but no doubt he one of best wrestler of nxt and ready to make debut at main roaster which will be awesome but will not going to win match because of his first match in main roaster.

  1. Braun Stroman (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

Strongest wrestler of wwe and as per many rumours he most favourite to win because of last few episode he performed well in which there is really great feud with sami zyan, roman and seth which is really great he cuts good promo well so being champion will be great and new to see but as while 3 vs 3 tag team match at last episode of raw big show return and stare at brawn because of this is chance of getting big war between them and may they eliminate each other just because of overweight on the top rope so there are less chances of winning braun

  1. Big show (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

After long break big show finally makes his few week ago at Raw which is really awesome and he also confirm his entrance by making last episode of raw with coming face to face with braun stroman which is really great moment because fans are chanting yes yes! So they want fight but braun step down as Wrestlemania big show facing shaq who not going to win wrestlemania but he will stay for long time and will eliminate big superstars

  1. Sami Zyan (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

Who greatest super of roaster as he also from nxt who gave plenty of good matches at nxt championship against finn balor, nakamaura and after debut in raw he has good matches vs seth rollins, kevin owens and Braun stroman and also give great match of year at last year but after defeating seth rollins he confirm his entrance but he will not going to win rumble because of further plans in the company but still he will stay for long time in the ring.

  1. Cesaro (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

As he finally win title at wwe which of tag team championship after teaming up with shaemus which are suggested by folley after he fight 6 matches against him it is very strange to see as tag team partner but is works because they beaten longest reigning champions after 3rd shot which is really awesome and folley rocks at suggestion and prove why is great as manager but there is no chances of winning cesaro of winning match because he already holding belts.

  1. Shaemus (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

He tag team partner of Cesaro as they will become good friend after becoming champions so there will be team work will be seen during match as does lots of eliminating during match and there is chances there funny nature will cause both elimination so there are lots of chances as they appeared on so many matches so they will be chances seen them for long time In rumble match but winning chances are very low.

  1. The Miz (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

Who is longest reigning former intercontinental champion who defeated by dean Ambrose and also confirm his rumble entrance he is a rated star making his entrance with Myrese in which is will also interfere during match which cause Dean Ambrose elimination which continues feud of The miz and Dean which was started after miz insulting Ranne Young who is off screen girlfriend of Dean after that he attack on The Miz which makes him get one title shot and he able to capture his second intercontinental championship belt so there are no chances of winning at rumble.

  1. Dolph Ziggler (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

Smack down live roaster superstar who get first title shot after brand split against dean Ambrose and also got chance of intercontinental championship chance again The Miz when he puts his carrier on line as he wins title and again lost in couple week again so there is so many frustration for him over wwe and now he turning heel after attack on kalisto and Apollo Cruse so there is no chances of winning match

  1. Randy Orton (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

Best wrestler of Attitude era who is now superstar of smack down live who is 14 time wwe champion and youngest champion in wwe history who is not main event for long time after he return form injury recently he got match against brock in which is lost this because of disqualification and after that he feud with Bray Wyatt but because of two loss he joined them but there something in his mind which will reveal at wrestlemania there is chances he will continue his feud with bray wyatt after that he will title shot against aj style which could be the awesome see him again as main event after Seth rolllins vs Randy last match so there are so less chances of winning

  1. Bray Wyatt (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

Who is maker of Wyatt family teaming with randy orton and recently won smack down tam team championship match which was lost after couple week to American alpha but after this there is start of interesting story between wyatt family after he hit signature shot luke harper so and randy orton smiling so there will be great to see them working together or they will continue with fight and bray wyatt also not favourite to win rumble match.

  1. Luke Harper (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

Who is former member of Wyatt family after bray hit him signature shot at last smack down live episode so there are so many twist after this because after hitting him shot they came face to face to Rumble match which create more buzz and we not wait see what will happen in the match but he will not winning rumble match anymore.

  1. Rusev (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

Who is recently lost his championship to Roman and now having feud with big cass which makes awesome by Lana and Enzo Amore but in this match as I mentioned above they will continue battle in the match cause elimination for both and so there is no chances of winning because he never will face of wwe because he worst at mike.

  1. James Ellsworth (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

He is most famous superstar of 2016 year after he involved in feud between Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles and also he got 3 wins over WWE world heavyweight champion because of this he become spotlight of smack down live roaster and also gets title shot against aj style who will be entering in that match who which he gets quick elimination as every time there is one quick elimination every year so this time that role will be played by Ellsworth but there are huge cheering will happen at Rumble match

  1. Mojo Rawley (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

Who is tagged team partner of who win championship match last year in wrestlemania who is none other than zack ryder who out of action because of serious injury because of this mojo working as individual wrestler in wwe as last episode there is elimination match with top superstar in which mojo gets win and confirm his entrance during match now he will stay long in the ring but not going to win at match

  1. Samoa Joe (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

He lost nxt championship last month after that he was two time nxt champion now so many rumours are saying joe will be debut at main roaster and join raw after when shawn Michael was asked for his dream match during interview he said his dream opponent will be Joe in which this Is some prediction or teasing for joe debut which really awesome to see will performed well as he is strong wrestler so he will give tough fight to big superstar but not winning the match.

  1. Triple H (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

Last episode of RAW because of music hits during match of Rollins vs Sami, rollins lost his match which creates one more spot in rumble so there is chances of returning triple h like last year but this time rollins will interfere in this match which cause elimination of triple h which continues their feud which more interesting for wwe fans more than main event of wrestlermania

  1. CM Puck (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

This could be the biggest surprise of Royal Rumble because there are so less chances of making return by cm puck he highest paid superstar who make debut at UFC but lost his first match now people is talking he should quit mma and come back to pro wrestling in which he awesome there is no superstar who popular than cm puck because with absence of him fans still chanting for him which makes him proud as he left company three year ago because of personal issue with chairman and triple h so there are so many rumours that he returning if this comes reality we will listen chants holly shit and we also gets winner of Royal Rumble match which is CM Punk which is turning out to be greatest moment of wrestling history

  1. Kurt Angle (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

Few day ago he induced in WWE hall of famer of 2017 so there are so many rumours he returns to wwe because he left tna wrestling and working part-timer for so many pro wrestling company without contract so he is free wrestler but last week with tweet he shut rumours by saying he not returning to rumble match and announced his next match which will be schedule one day after rumble which is interesting to see what will happen but most of report saying he could return but not going to win match as he already induced in hall of famer list

  1. Rey Mysterio (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

Recently his contracts end with lucha underground who working very well in that company which makes him talking wrestler of last year as he was already done fabulous work with wwe and giving memorable matches and always impress with high fly moves and now his contract end with lucha underground so he may be last bur third entrance of rumble which is turning surprise entrants of this year so there are chances of winning in this match and he also confirm his entrants by twitting #VivaLaRaza #GreatMemories Less than 48hrs for the #RoyalRumble

  1. Sinsuke Nakamura (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

Who already prove why he is best wrestler of World after giving great matches in nxt with Finn balor and Sami zyan and he was former champion of new japan pro wrestling the second famous show after wwe in pre wrestling as he was top superstar in that company after signing to wwe so pressure on wwe creative team to making his debut main roaster who here is big chance to make his debut because last night he lost nxt championship match to bobby rodde which may be sign of his debut main roaster If this possible then there is chances of winning this match


Finn Balor (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

Superstar who is out of action from six month because of back injury during Universal championship match against seth rollins but he is now medically cleared for return now there are so many chances of making surprise return to rumble match because he never lost universal champion he relinquished title with handed to kevin owens by triple h so there are start of so many feud like seth rollins vs owens, triple vs seth, roman vs owns now he will be the again favourite to win rumble match

  1. Kenny Omega (Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants)

Last entrants and very special surprise debut in the royal rumble match who is most talking wrestler after main event of new japan pro wrestling main event which wrestle kingdom again okada he lost the match but gains millions of fans because of his performance and because of their high class performance their match enter into greatest match of year so he become famous and most favourite win rumble match his rumours started by John cena after he posting picture of omega on Instagram same as last year he posted picture of aj style and makes debut so if omega makes debut he will win at rumble match

Wwe Royal Rumble 2017 Winner

Randy Orton

Because he defeated brock lesnar who is popular and strongest superstar of wwe and he create great promo and huge fans support which makes him great so he will be the winner

Wwe Royal Rumble 2017 Date

29 January 2017 according usa time it schedule on 7e | 4p and according Indian standard time 5:30 Am on Monday

Wwe Royal Rumble 2017 Telecast India

There is only one telecast channel in India telecast wwe which ten 1 and royal rumble schedule on ten 1 at 6:00 pm according Indian timing

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