Tubelight Movie Release Date in UK, China, Japan, UAE, USA, AUS, NZ, Pak

Tubelight Release Date

Tubelight is upcoming Bollywood which become most talking movie because duo of Salman Khan and Kabir Khan makes comeback with movie after Bajrangi Bhaijaan which is one of the great hit all time of Bollywood which collect huge money at box office collection now same expectation is from Tubelight movie and after watching response by audience to Teaser, first look, trailer and song we could say this movie will create history at box office collection will beat biggest movie of Bollywood like PK, Dangal and Baahubali movie which running more than two month now when Tubelight movie is Release then Screening of Baahubali will be topped which help to get Tubelight movie more screen count which automatically makes more at box office collection now because of Eid, movie Release date changing which will be not decided yet as originally movie is decided to launch on Festival of Eid which depend of Moon so but  according satellite prediction 25 June 2017 will be official release date of Tubelight movie and as because of time difference there is difference in release date as per country.

Tubelight Release Date in United Kingdom

As we seeing fans of Indian cinema and also residence of Indian people is more such country like united kingdom some of screens allow to show Indian movie in that there are few actor who gets screen count outside India like Salman Khan, Shahrukh khan and Aamir Khan and as Salman khan featuring in this movie along with Shahrukh khan’s cameo role will attract more fans towards movie and because of this two actor sharing screen after long time so people eagerly waiting for this movie for long time and they finally get to see this reunite which also helps to get more collection at overseas box office collection and expected release of Tubelight will be 25 June 2017 which Is same as India because there is small time difference in UK and India.

Tubelight Release Date in USA, UK, China, UAE, CANADA and Australia
Tubelight Release Date in USA, UK, China, UAE, CANADA and Australia

Tubelight Release Date in China

As we previous seen how China country supporting Indian movie as result Dangal team decided to launch movie in Chinese Language which collected more than 800 Crore box office collection which become highest overseas collection by any movie in India also defeat biggest Indian movie Baahubali 2 at total box office collection a movie which based on real life story of female wrestler and his father gets more love from other country which really great to see and as Tubelight story involves war between China and India which makes more interesting from then so most of citizen are searching for When will tubelight movie release in Chinese language and as it involve war scene and their police department gets release certificate not as easy task because no country will allow this to see so first movie team will get permission from china then will decide to launch in Chinese language which will also make good box office collection same as Dangal movie, now after looking great success of Dangal now Baahubali 2 decide to launch movie in china in Chinese language which may help them to defeat Dangal movie at box office collection but it will be huge war because this movie breaks all rule at box office collection by making more than 1500 Crore mark and also become first two movies of to cross 1000 crore mark which is really great to see that Indian movie grossing big amount at box office collection now expected release date of Tubelight movie will be 2 month after movie worldwide release which is around 25 August 2017 will expected release date of Tubelight.

Tubelight Release Date in Japan

Same as per China country Japan also give more contribution at box office collection so there is no planning to release in Japanese language but in Hindi and English language there is possibility to launch Tubelight movie for overseas country so for Indian citizen in japan movie will be release in some screen on 25 June 2017.

Tubelight Release Date In UAE | Dubai | Canada | Kuwait

As we note from long time there number of Indians in country like UAE, Dubai, Canada and Kuwait is more in number as result their country has more number of screen of Bollywood movie which result more overseas collection contribution from this country. For them expected release date of tubelight movie is 25 June 2017.

Tubelight Release Date in USA

United States of America also has more number of Indians and some of their citizen has Bollywood actor so as a fan they watch Bollywood movies 26 January 2017

Tubelight Launching Date in Australia

Expected release date in Australia is 25 June 2017

Tubelight in New Zealand

When we talk about overseas collection we consider New Zealand country has more contribution so as per sources Bollywood movies who has big star will gets more number of screen which is around 10 to 15 screens and of Tubelight have to break baahubali record then movie has get more screen count outside India. And expected release in new Zealand will be 25 June 2017

Tubelight Release Date in Pakistan

We always see Pakistan government banned Indian movie which is based on War scene or public issue so movie also chances to gets banned so there is not fixed release date of Tubelight in Pakistan

This above post is all about Release date in major country which show Bollywood and also there are some country who also show interest of showing Indian movie so they can follow below worldwide release date which is 25 June 2017.

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