Shetkari Karz Mafi 2017 Maharashtra Sarsakat Navin Pik Bank Loan

Shetkari Karz Mafi 2017

Biggest news is coming from government of India as they approve Shetkari Karz mafi yojna which means all shetkari loan or karz will get paid their by Sarkar/ Government and community of Shetkari karz mafi announced if they do not declare Shetkari  mafi till 22 june officially then they will again start Andolon as government partially approve which turning out to be half win for farmer and as this strike is happening from more than one week which finally stops and now market will be reopen and regular business of farmer and shopper will be started as per daily routine.

शेखरनाना नविन पिक्क काझ भेटेल
शेखरनाना नविन पिक्क काझ भेटेल

Today loan of farmer is forgive and they will get new loan on seeds or farming work which really big relief and there are so many announcement from farmer community like, Karz mafi will be started as soon as possible and all crime of community member will be forgive and if they start fooling farmer then they will again start andolan which bigger than recent one so be you have to fulfil all our requirement and also get paid loan as early as possible.

शेतकरी कर्ज माफी सरसकट केली
शेतकरी कर्ज माफी सरसकट केली

Shetkari Karz Mafi 2017 Maharashtra

25 July is official date of Sarsakat loan announcement which means all loan will be paid by Government this happen just because of nonstop strike and morcha by farmer all over Maharashtra they stop providing major part of market like milk, vegetables, fruits and more stuff which result hiking price in market which automatically effect common people because price are become double than regular prices for vegetables and fruits and people started selling milk with double price and because of shortage and throwing milk on road and throwing vegetables on road, storing at specific place without any result which result destroying meal which makes continuous hiking prices.

Shetkari Karz Mafi 2017 Announcement

  • Farmer will get loan on Nav Pik
  • Farmer all crime report will be vanish
  • Sarsakat karz mafi will be announced at 25 July
  • 1000 Crore is expected amount of Loan taken by Farmer
  • Market will start tomorrow as per routine
  • Farmer warn to Sarkar If they do not keep their promise then morcha or strike will be restart

Now people can get loan for farming activity which mean shetkari can take Karz for farming purpose by making simple process.

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