Raees Vs Kaabil Vs Dangal Vs Sultan 1st Day Domestic, Overseas Box Office Collection

Raees Vs Kaabil Vs Dangal Vs Sultan 1st Day Domestic, Overseas Box Office Collection

In this post we will compare last 4 biggest blockbuster Raees Vs Kaabil Vs Dangal Vs Sultan movies 1st day collection, how they have performed and who is winner among them for very 1st Day. On very 1st Day as expected Raees has beat Kaabil at Box Office. 1st day Collection of Raees was Rs 20.42 Cr while that of Kaabil was only Rs 10.43 Cr. But on 2nd day, there will be a drastic change in figures as compared to 1st Day Raees Vs Kaabil Collection. As Raees has got less star rating and public response as compared to Kaabil. In movie Kaabil, Hrithik Roshan has given his best performance ever in his entire career in his life. So from that you can imagine how good movie is Kaabil. Along with that Kaabil movie will make you laugh, make you clap and make you think logically many times while watching it. Movie Kaabil has been very well directed by Sanjay Gupta. Kaabil is a regular revenge film with very good twists and turns which will hold you till the end. Nothing looks illogical or artificial, that’s the specialty of Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil. Even though Kaabil has lost on 1st day you will see a steady growth in box office collection of Kaabil Vs Raees.

Raees Vs Kaabil Vs Dangal Vs Sultan 1st Day Domestic, Overseas Box Office Collection
Raees Vs Kaabil Vs Dangal Vs Sultan 1st Day Domestic, Overseas Box Office Collection

Raees Vs Kaabil 1st, 2nd, 3rd Day Box Office Collection

For both movies Raees Vs Kaabil the collection graph would rise on 2nd day and then again drop down on 3rd day because 1st and 3rd day are working day that will harm 1st and 3rd Day collection but again on 4th and 5th Day that is on Saturday, Sunday box office income would rise in high number. Even though 1st day was Wednesday Raees could collect Rs 20 Cr total which is quite impressive and hopeful for coming weekend. While Kaabil has made regular income which is also not bad Rs 10 Cr without any Khan in movie on working day Wednesday. I am very sure that mouth publicity will work like magic for movie Kaabil as it is must watch movie after Dangal. If you want to get detailed and accurate box office collection of Raees Vs Kaabil then you should also read:-

 Raees Vs Kaabil first, second, third day income predicted


Raees beats Kaabil on very 1st Opening Day of their clash at Box Office

Raees beats Kaabil on opening 1st day by Rs 10 Cr which is very huge number. But according to trade analysts Box Office Collection of Raees will go down as days goes on and that of Kaabil will grow tremendously. Both movies have made very good income even though it was working day release and clash also. But it is damn sure that if it was solo release both movies could be blockbuster and could made many records in Bollywood Industry.


Raees Vs Kaabil Vs Dangal Vs Sultan 1st Day Comparison

Raees Vs Kaabil is the biggest clash of this year 2017 which is going on right now at Indian and domestic box office worldwide. While Dangal Vs Sultan were previous years blockbuster hits of 2016. Now we will compare 1st Day Collection of that 4 blockbuster hits. In this comparison Salman Khan’s Sultan has won by very huge number with Rs 36 Cr while Dangal is on 2nd position after that come Raees and at last Kaabil. Below given table will help you to understand how was opening Day Collection comparison.

Movie                   1st Day Opening Day Collection/Income

Sultan                                   Rs 36 Cr

Dangal                                  Rs 29 Cr

Raees                                    Rs 20 Cr

Kaabil                                    Rs 10 Cr

But one thing we should remember 1st Day Collection of Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan is always very high then it decreases as days goes on. But for Hrithik Roshan and Amir Khan it’s the exact vice versa. So we can say SRK’s famous dialogue to describe current Raees Vs Kaabil Box Office Clash and that dialogue is ‘Picture abhi baki hei mere dost’.

2nd Day {Republic Day}* Collection of Raees Vs Kaabil

On Republic Day we have seen almost houseful occupancy around 90% even for morning shows for movie Kaabil. It will be very tough fight for movie Raees on 2nd Day Vs Kaabil. And the reason is star ratings, public response and critics review which are all better for Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil than Shahrukh Khan’s Raees. It will be fun to see how Kaabil will take revenge of 1st day defeat from SRK’s Raees. Stay tuned and connected for latest and quick updates and news regarding biggest clash Raees Vs Kaabil trending now. According to Public Response and theatre occupancy on republic day we have predicted 2nd Day Republic Day Collection of Raees Vs Kaabil as below. These figures are not official but just a predicted income of today. We will update you with official figures as soon as we get it.


Movie                   2nd Day Republic day Collection/Income

Raees                                     Rs 25 Cr

Kaabil                                    Rs 18 Cr


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