Raees Vs Kaabil 1st Day Box Office Collection, Total Business Winner Prediction

Raees Vs Kaabil 1st Day Collection

Raees First Day Box office collection: 25 Crore Expected and Kaabil first day collection: 12 Crore now we talking about biggest clash at box office collection of Bollywood Raees Vs Kaabil which getting more interesting both movie is releasing on same day so there are lots of factor which decide winner as per above prediction report Raees winning with huge difference many of you thinking that how this possible started with screen count till Total Box office collection now before start comparison lets started with short description about two movies  started with winner movie as per prediction Raees the most awaited movie of 2017 with starring s  Shah Rukh Khan, Mahira Khan as lead role and Nawazuddin Siddiqui playing negative and most important role movie directed by Rahul Dholakia and produced by Gauri Khan, Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar with home production of king khan Red Chillies Entertainment movie is based on action, thriller and desi crime action which going to release on 25 January 2017 which is biggest day of india because it mark as 68th Republic Day of India, there are lots of controversy of started with shahrukh khan who makes comeback with special appearance role in dear zindagi starring alia bhatt as lead in which shahrukh khan does fabulous job as we know his last two movies was average first is Happy new year having multiple big stars like Deepika padukone, Abhishek bachchan and sonu sood at critics star rating they got worst figure but they able to get good box office collection which makes movie enter at highest grosser of that year after that last year Shahrukh khan comes with movie fan which is also average movie and also failed at box office collection so things are not going good for king khan so fans losing trust on SRK movie but after epic role in dear zindagi he prove why he called king khan and badshah of Bollywood so after that he become trend and again fans are waiting for his upcoming movies as they always does this thing bring smile back on srk face so now people are saying this will be the Biggest movie of the year and best performance of Shahrukh khan as last night Shahrukh khan and Sidiqqui makes appearance on The kapil sharma show for movie promotion and as always because of his appearance trp ratting getting huge so you can simply know his popularity and per report Nawazuddin Siddiqui said during interview that in Raees role is best performance of carrier as there are so many diehard fans of this common man so because of him there are so many viewer already booked tickets for Raees after that Raees leading actress Mahira khan from Pakistan who become famous because of tv serial of Pakistan which is also telecasting in india and after that he directly got lead role opposite to shahrukh khan is biggest achievement of his life there are so many controversy are created because of her people was decided to boycott Raees movie because of heat between Pakistan and Indian after uri attack but still as this movie was shoot before this incidence people drop this idea of boycott the raees but after that Mahir khan makes one more controversy in Pakistani news channel so fans go crazy and decided to never give chance to her for any role in Bollywood now this apart from movie but according to buzz report movie is hot in this year Bollywood movie list in which this list also having movies like robot 2, baahubali 2 and jolly llb 2 which turning out to be year of sequel after raees fans get one more gift after knowing dhoom next instalment will have shahrukh khan which Is biggest news of this year reportedly this role was schedule for Salman khan but not he fail claim to get so there are so many surprises from Shahrukh khan and this is all about Raees now we will talk about competitor Kaabil

raees box office collection
raees box office collection

Raaes Vs Kaabil Total Collection

Raees Total Collection: 280 Crore Expected

Kaabil Total Collection: 150 Crore Expected

Kaabil upcoming Bollywood movie which is based on drama emotions starring Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam as lead role directed by sanjay gupta and produced by rakesh roshan as we seen many time every movie of Hrithik Roshan having small role of his father which makes him feel like home production as this movie also going to release on 25 January 2017 because of this movie become rival of raees movie, now this movie based on story of two blind people and their love affair how there life changes and how they save their relationship some Bollywood star twitted that kaabil gonna be biggest hit of Hrithik Roshan carrier so fans are eagerly waiting for kaabil few days ago team of kaabil launched trailer and people love it and guessing that movie will be nice having new story which will be create interest to watch along with this Kaabil have really awesome songs which romantic type so people already started buzzing for kaabil which is directly help for box office collection, yami gautam also making huge role in movie as she really beautiful actress she add some glamour in this movie now we finished with description for  both movie now we start with battle or sword fight between hrithik roshan and shah rukh khan.

Who will win Raees Vs Kaabil?

According new report there is some time delay for advance booking because of both maker of raees and maker of Kaabil not giving up sharing screen both team fighting for getting more screen at theatre so they literary fighting for movie which leads to become this fight more famous as Raees team wants more show because of high budget but kaabil team demanding same so finally it sort out by getting 50 50 division and till now official booking has to start but some of big theatre not yet started with advance booking yet and don’t have official report from pvr, inox and imax multiplexer, there are so many hater of raees movie because of lots issue over cast and script, some day ago people spreading rumours Raees is based on real life gangster as Raees denied this rumours and says this movie unreal movie and not based on anyone life as many of people comes to support below we giving day wise box office collection which will give you winner between Raees vs Kaabil.

kaabil box office collection
kaabil box office collection

Raees vs Kaabil Day wise Collection

1st day CollectionRs. 25 CroreRs. 15 Crore
2nd day CollectionRs. 22 CroreRs. 14 Crore
3rd day CollectionRs. 21 CroreRs. 13 Crore
4th day CollectionRs. 24 CroreRs. 16 Crore
5th day CollectionRs. 27 CroreRs. 13 Crore
6th day CollectionRs. 15 CroreRs. 9 Crore
7th day CollectionRs. 12 CroreRs. 8 Crore
8th day CollectionRs. 10 CroreRs. 7.5 Crore
9th day CollectionRs. 8 CroreRs. 7 Crore
10th day CollectionRs. 11 CroreRs. 6 Crore
Total Collection280 Crore150 Crore

As per above report we could say Winner of this battle is Raees at box office collection this report is possible on when Raees gets better review and start ratings which means three stars have get for raees movie and also for Kaabil case this movie has to get three stars which turn above report into reality if Raees fails to get good review and star rating then this will report turns after day three and which leads huge drop at box office collection and same instant Kaabil gets good review then kaabil will give tough competition which turn this battle very interesting mode which will remind us battle of shivaay and Ae dil hai mushkil in which first five days ae dil hai mushkil leading after the review and star rating come shivaay giving huge competition after that there is possibility of Raees gets good review and Kaabil gets worse so it automatically affect screen count which means Kaabil gets very low box office collection and above report of Raees will be changed with addition of some crore, now forth case if both movie fails at review and star rating then above report will be lesser after five days means on Monday of feb month will be seen huge drop at box office collection which affect at total box office collection so at every battler from day one to day ten winner is raees which means raees also won at total collection for those searching for raees worldwide collection and kaabil worldwide collection just add 30% amount in each figure which will gives you rough idea as both actor has fans outside in india shahrukh khan is famous in foreign country as romance king and hrithik roshan is famous for his look and because he awarded as most sexiest men in asia so fans which are outside of india play major role for getting good worldwide box office collection, now many of you thinking why you prediction with raees so here we could give some points which make you this report will be possible, as Raees having huge star Shahrukh khan so only actor who rules at box office collection are Shah rukh khan, salman khan and aamir khan so if we see at fan following this three are having huge fan following so this will be good for box office collection along with shahrukh khan raees having nawazuddin siddiquui who has fans because of his natural acting as he already twitted this my best performance so his fans off course watch raees as we talking about only major star in kaabil is hrithik roshan who not having good report when we talking about box office collection he has fans just because of his personality so most of people among fans don’t like to see him in movie so It will affect at box office collection and also yami gautam who don’t have any good report at box office collection and box office report does not belong to actress only actress because of her movies gets high box office collection is deepika padukone  so we could say kaabil having less fame than raees movie now both movie trailer is official release on same week but raees gets huge response in terms of views when raees trailer was release it become trends in youtube and other social networking sites and when we talking movie kaabil there is no huge response for movies at trailer launched then comes songs, when we talking about songs raees movie zaalima songs set new record of getting millions of view in just few hours which is so amazing after that one song starring sunny leone and shahrukh khan which creating more heat and this song become most searched song of this year after that shahrukh khan become first actor who work which sunny leone which makes movie in trending as compare to this kaabil also having really awesome romantic songs but not getting attention like raees movie have then most of top author and music channel gives you report of buzz in that raees score more than kaabil now as we talking about box office collection which is mostly based on screen count as we know because of more popularity raees will get more number of screen so in this also Raees will be the winner now after that comes promotion factor Kaabil team not doing any promotion in reality show there are lots of rumours because of low budget they not schedule for promotion but opposite to this just because of home production raees promotion going very well as Shahrukh khan is promoting his movies In various big shows like the kapil sharma show, bigg boss with salman khan which become trend setter of all time after that he also appeared on awards shows which makes movie in trending and in news there are so many people predicted that kaabil but if you look at above point you will know why there is no chances of winning in this battle, now here we will give actual figure of box office collection after movie release according to days passes as above report is set is expected so don’t get confuse and enjoy movie.

If you asking which movie will be choose to watch then I will suggest go with winner movie which raees which gives you so many interesting things as shahrukh khan playing gangster so he will be doing some desi things which makes you fall in love with him along with he also done action which is rare to see by shahrukh khan and last time when we see him doing negative role he done fabulous job so don’t think much and go for more.


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