Raees Vs Kaabil 10th, 11th Day Collection, Total Business Day wise Income Report

Raees 10th Day Collection | Kaabil 10th Day Collection

Raees on second Friday collect really awesome amount I.e. Rs 6.03 Crore which really huge as second Friday which counted as second highest box office collection on second Friday after Dangal movie and Kaabil at Second Friday Collection collected around Rs 5.03 Crore which is really huge as per report both movie getting similar screen count after ten days of release as occupancy of Kaabil is more than raees just because of good star ratings and reviews but many of theatre owner think Raees will get more response but after getting positive response at Box Office collection with less screen count Kaabil giving tough competition to Raees so finally some owner are agree the fact and increase count as we know Shahrukh khan has huge fan following than hrithik roshan as per the prediction Kaabil will beat Raees after tenth day run at theatre but still not happen so people and fans of hrithik is waiting for this moment but fan causes Kaabil defeat so we could say it will happen soon but there is 50-50 chances of defeating Kaabil by Raees so below we provide total day wise collection

Raees Vs Kaabil Third Day Collection
Raees Vs Kaabil Third Day Collection

Raees Total Day wise Collection

Day 1 – Rs 20.42 crore

Day 2 – Rs 26.30 crore

Day 3 – Rs 13.11 crore

Day 4 – Rs 15.61 crore

Day 5 – Rs 17.80 crore

Day 6 – Rs 8.25 crore

Day 7 – Rs 7.52 crore

Day 8 – Rs 7.1 crore

Day 9 – Rs 6.25 crore

Day 10 – Rs 6.03 Crore

Raees Total Collection: Rs 128.36 crore

Kaabil Total Daywise Income

Day 1 – Rs 10.43 crore

Day 2 – Rs 18.67 crore

Day 3 – Rs 9.77 crore

Day 4 – Rs 13.54 crore

Day 5 – Rs 15.05 crore

Day 6 – Rs 6.04 crore

Day 7 – Rs 6.10 crore

Day 8 – Rs 5.70 crore

Day 9 – Rs 5.25 crore

Day 10 – Rs 5.03 Crore

Kaabil Total Collection: Rs 95.63 crore

Raees Vs Kaabil Day Wise Business Report

If we look at Raees Day 7 – Rs 7.52 crore Day 8 – Rs 7.1 crore Day 9 – Rs 6.25 crore

and Kaabil Day 7 – Rs 6.10 crore Day 8 – Rs 5.70 crore Day 9 – Rs 5.25 crore we can could say winner of all time is Raees but with difference of approx. 1 crore which bring small hopes of fans and we should get new winner soon i.e. Kaabil on 15th or 16th day which will be interesting to see because this battle is epic so far because both having positive points like Kaabil winning at critics ratings and Raees winning at box office collection as we seen Raees already crossed 100 crore mark in India Biz which makes him Highest grosser all the time which really awesome news for shahrukh khan fans because his last two movie are worst at box office collection and also in critics but this movie wins hearts of fans because of having new story and nonstop entertainment because this shahrukh khan comes with new character of desi look mafia apart from romance he choose action drama and gets good result so definitely he will concentrate on this type of movie and will get more movies from him and now Kaabil Total collection which is around 96 crore just 4 crore away as per prediction and previous day box office collection we could say on 11th day Kaabil will reach milestone of crossing 100 crore in India biz which also great for hrithik roshan and with this Kaabil is 2nd highest grosser of year now there is some bad news for both movies and their position of highest grosser because Jolly LLB 2 is coming after 2 weeks which gives huge competition to this two movie and their records will be broken just because of akshay kumar who is now famous for giving inspirational and creative movie and as this sequel of Jolly LLB which was greatest hit movie but not able to get enough money just because of star cast having less fame which leads low box office collection but this time they manage to get big star so this will rocking competition between Raees Vs Kaabil Vs Jolly LLB 2 so more updates stay with us

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