{FREE}* JIO Mobile Phone 1500 Online Booking, Specification, Pre Order Offline Register

{FREE}* JIO Mobile Phone 1500 Online Booking, Specification, Pre Order Offline Register

JIO mobile phone Rs 1500 is the most trending topic in India now days. Every Indian is talking about this new upcoming Reliance JIO phone 1500* which will be of free of cost. Wait before getting more excited i would like to request you to read previous line again as I am sure that you must have missed that * which means terms and conditions apply. The only condition is you have to deposit Rs 1500 for 3 years of period till the time you can use this JIO mobile phone at free of cost. After successful completion of 3 years you may submit your JIO mobile phone and get back your Rs 1500 to your account or in cash again. Here is a way to Register your mobile phone below:-

                Register Here Now: – JIO Mobile Phone 1500 Online Booking

REliance JIO phone 1500 Mobile first Look
Reliance JIO phone 1500 Mobile first Look

How to Book JIO 4G keypad fone feature Mobile Online using MyJio App or jio.com

You have 2 methods to book your favorite JIO mobile phone as listed below:-

  • Online Booking of Lyf JIO mobile 1500 Phone
  • Offline Booking Reliance JIO


  • Online Booking:-

In this method, you have 2 options either you may visit official jio website that is jio.com or you can also use your JIO mobile app that is MyJio to book or pre order your Free Reliance JIO mobile Phone.

  • Offline Booking:-

In this method, you could visit nearby JIO Store or any JIO retailer who is accepting pre order for Reliance JIO feature. This method could be irritating as you will have to face a huge rush and queues and also this will be very much time consuming method.


Method or Steps to Register your Reliance JIO via SMS at your nearby Retailer

There is one more simpler way to Book you Reliance JIO sponsored JIO Feature Mobile phone 1500 using your mobile SMS. In this method you will just have to send a message contacting below details and your phone will be booked.


JPJIO <Nearby Retailer Store Code> and send this message to 7021170211.

That’s it and you will book your phone JIO 4G at free of Cost using just Re 1. And then you will receive a confirmation message for the same. Message will contain that you have successfully registered for Reliance JIO lyf Feature 4G phone and you will get next update soon when your phone will get shipped.

Reliance JIO 4G Keypad Volte Free Mobile Phone 1500
Reliance JIO 4G Keypad Volte Free Mobile Phone 1500

JIO Phone Expected Shipping, Delivery Date, Track your Feature 1500 Mobile

It is expected that Phone will start shipping from the 1st week of September and people will start receiving their JIO 4G feature phone in around 2nd or 3rd week of September. In this flash sale only 5 millions phone are available so there are some chances that you will fail to book your JIO phone before stock gets empty. So stay connected to know when is the next flash sale of Reliance JIO 4G Feature Mobile 1500.


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