Bahubali 2 Vs PK Vs Dangal Vs Sultan Vs Bajrangi Bhaijaan 1st Day Collection

Bahubali 2 Vs PK Collection, Bahubali 2 Vs Dangal Collection, Bahubali 2 Vs Sultan Collection, Bahubali 2 Vs Bajrangi Bhaijaan Collection

Bahubali 2 is upcoming Tollywood movie is based action drama which is franchisee of Baahubali movie in which biggest revelation going to out which why Kattapa Kill Baahubali? Which is biggest mystery showed at ending sequence of Bahubali movie which in unsolved till date as movie almost completed 2 year of release now movie is going to release on 28 April 2017 in 4K resolution format also which first time in India and become India’s 1st 4K movie just because of epic war scene and fight between Rana And Prabhas animation will create magic as Bahubali set awesome box office collection record so sequel also will block buster set new record so before movie release people wanted to know is this movie will break Highest grosser movies list income to here we comparing Bahubali 2 movie with top movies in the highest grosser all time movies like PK, Dangal, Sultan and Bajrangi Bhaaijaan. And below battle is considering predicted amount of Bahubali 2 in which expected first day collection is 43 Crore at India Biz and Total Collection Is 700 Crore.

Bahubali 2 Vs PK 1st Day Collection | Total Business

PK has decent start with first day Collection 28 Crore and Amazing ending of Total Collection 792 Crore which is near about 800 crore we could say awesome movie longest run at theatre, big response from foreign country like New Zeeland, Japan, China Australia, Canada and more Aamir khan fans from worldwide show love by giving huge overseas Collection as movie is complete entertainer, great acting, good script, strong message and one name who is enough to break all box office collection record is none other than Aamir Khan, as we comparing PK to Bahubali 2 at collection then at First day Collection Bahubali 2 will easily win battle but at total collection Bahubali 2 will lose and PK will be unbeaten at Highest grosser all the time list there is only chances of Bahubali 2 winning only when movie able to match awesomeness of PK as well as full fill fans expectation and also able rock at Star rating and Reviews then only Bahubali 2 can earn 1st spot in that list and as PK was release 2 year ago and Bahubali 2 going to release this month in which there is so much currency difference so final winner at this battle will be PK movie.

baahubali 2 vs pk vs Dangal

Bahubali 2 Vs Dangal 1st Day Collection | Total Business

Dangal is also Aamir khan movie who hold second position at Highest grosser all the time list so there two movies of Aamir khan in the top three with really great record 720 Crore of business at Total Worldwide Collection and First day collection is around 30 Crore again same as PK, Dangal also long run at theatre screening collect huge amount but not able to break PK movie record as Dangal is based on real life story of Wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat and how he train his daughter and then there journey how they struggle and win Gold for nation so people loved this movie which result into huge box office collection as we predicted amount of Baahubali when we consider Bahubali 2 Vs Dangal movie then at total collection Dangal will be winner and First day collection bahubali movie will win and there are small chances of beating Dangal movie if they manage to get some more collection then only so final winner will be we Dangal Movie

Bahubali 2 Vs Bahubali 1st Day Collection | Total Business

As only Tollywood movie which is in the list of highest All time grosser and holding third positon with Total Collection of 650 Crore and Frist Day collection of 38 Crore so while comparing both movie we know this sequel and prequel movie in which Bahubali already set record and as we comparing this movie with each then winner will be recent movie because first movie already set landmark so franchised war will be epic and winner will be always Bahubali 2 movie

Bahubali 2 Vs Sultan 1st Day Collection | Total Business

Last year biggest hit and second highest grosser of the 2016 year Sultan starring of Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma which is again based on Wrestler so last year two movie who ruling at Box Office collection both are based on wrestling which is really good to see sport story with strong message create interest in audience so as this movie is holding 6th spot at Highest grosser all time which makes this movie to come into comparison with upcoming movie Bahubali 2 now as Sultan at First day collection 38 Crore and Total Worldwide Collection is 584 Crore so Bahubali 2 will be winner at both First Day and total collection so final winner will be Bahubali 2 movie

Bahubali 2 Vs Bajrangi Bhaijaan 1st Day Collection | Total Business

Bajrangi Bhaijaan is second Highest grosser of 2015 year and same year Bahubali movie was also released which is at no. 1 position as Bajrangi Bhaijaan is again very awesome movie by salman khan with strong message and emotions which make you fall in love with this movie now as we talk about how much movie done at business is at First day box office collection movie collected around 38 Crore and at total collection movie earns 626 Crore just few crore less than baahubali movie so there battle was epic at 2015 year now we compare Bajrangi Bhaijaan to upcoming movie Bahubali 2 then at both total and first day collection Bahubali 2 will be winner

Box Office Collection Conclusion

Bahubali 2 Vs PKPK
Bahubali 2 Vs DangalDangal
Bahubali 2 Vs BahuabliBahubali 2
Bahubali 2 Vs Bajrangi BhaijaanBahubali 2
Bahubali 2 Vs SultanBahubali 2


This report is just prediction or expected which is set assuming different factor like Trailer Response, previous movie part sequel, director overall performance and Star cast so hope this report will be somewhat near about actual figure for more updates stay with us


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