Bahubali 2 Vs Kaabil Vs Raees Vs Airlift Vs Ms Dhoni Total Collection Winner

Who Will Win Bahubali 2 Vs Kaabil, Bahubali 2 Vs Raees, Bahubali 2 Vs Airlift, Bahubali 2 Vs MS Dhoni Total Collection? 

Biggest hit of 2015 Baahubali the Beginning leaves so many untold things at the movie ending such as why Baahubali son is not with his parents and Why does Kattapa killed Baahubali which Is indirect announcement of second chapter of Baahubali and this become biggest unsolved question of Bollywood as they already give sign of second part is coming so they did by releasing trailer of new movie with title Baahubali the conclusion in which we will get all untold answer which is going to biggest blockbuster of this year just like previous movie who done massive box office collection now same expectation from this movie also as this is franchised of Bahubali in which we are going to see creating new record and breaking all record because of this movie because movie before release already earns more than 200 Crore by selling Television theatre rights and become first movie who reach this milestone earning huge money before movie release which enough to predict what will this movie going to do after movie release not only movie enter into highest grosser all time but also has chances to get number position by beating PK and Dangal and if this will true then this record collection will be unbeaten for long time, as movie already shown power by earning great income before movie and after that movie Online Ticket Booking already started before 4 days of release and in that 1st day all show already house full, now we don’t have exact figure of box office collection we going to update this figure after movie get officially launched so here we will give you expected income report which is considering different factor like trailer view, movie buzz and people votes at IMDB and ratings and previous part will be also in consideration so at First Day collection movie will collect 43 Crore and Bahubali 2 Total Collection will be 700 Crore considering worldwide figure so in below comparison we will consider this figure.

Bahubali 2 Vs Kaabil Total Collection

Kaabil is awesome movie based on crime drama which is based on blind couple in which husband takes revenge of his wife murder which look realistic with starring Hrithik Roshan and yami Gautam directed by rakesh roshan as this movie released on same date with Shahrukh khan starring which become biggest box office collection war because of this movie not able to earn more money movie deserves at Total Box Office Collection movie earn around 150 Crore and on First Day collection movie earns around 10 crore which is low because after getting awesome review and good star rating movie has to earn more money than result as now here we comparing this movie with Bahubali 2 in the result Bahubali 2 has far more earning than kaabil at first day and total collection so Bahubali 2 will be the winner at total Collection

Bahubali 2 Vs Kaabil Vs Raees Vs Airlift Vs Ms Dhoni Total Collection Winner

Bahubali 2 Vs Raees

Raees is Bollywood most awaited movie because of Shahrukh khan because before movie release fans having so many expectation from this movie because before this movie Shahrukh khan struggling to get hit movie because his two there movie are flop so fans are waiting to see hit movie from Shahrukh khan and with Raees movie he comes back with super hit movie by earning 20 Crore at first day collection and at Total Collection movie collected around 270 Crore which really great figure because movie who gets half screen count just because on same date Kaabil movie also released so box office collection also gets divide as Kaabil movie get better review and star rating than Raees still this movie able to beat Kaabil just because of Fans of Shahrukh khan now as we comparing this movie with Bahubali 2 in that after view at both Collection report we could say in the battle Bahubali 2 will be winner at Total Collection

Bahubali 2 Vs Airlift Total Collection

Airlift is most successful movie of Bollywood In 2016 year which based on true event during World war some Indian are stuck in Kuwait and how they Evacuate from Kuwait starring Akshay Kumar who giving back to back to super hit movie so he also done great job in Airlift movie, now at first day collection movie collected 12 Crore and at Total Collection movie earns about 230 Crore which is less because movie deserves better after getting awesome review and high star rating now we comparing Airlift with Bahubali 2 then winner will be Bahubali 2 because movie is already collected this much amount before movie release so movie will get great box office collection response so final winner will be Bahubali 2 at total collection.

Bahubali 2 Vs MS Dhoni Total Collection

MS Dhoni  The Untold Story Is biggest real life story of great Captain of Indian Cricket Team has because he win World Cup for our Nation which leads more popularity and to reach this position he done lots of hard work, as this movie is based on his life in which we see his Drama, Love and thriller which makes this unique just because of this movie be enter into highest grosser all the time list with first day collection of 21 and at total collection movie earn 215 Crore now comparing this movie with Bahubali 2 winner will be Bahubali 2 because ms dhoni do not able to survive long time in theatre so at total collection movie not able to earn enough movie so finally winner at total collection will be Bahubali 2

Total Box Office Collection Conclusion

Bahubali 2 Vs KaabilBahubali 2
Bahubali 2 Vs RaeesBahubali 2
Bahubali 2 Vs AirliftBahubali 2
Bahubali 2 Vs MS DhoniBahubali 2

As above figure we compared movie is only India Biz Collection and not considering overseas collection

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