Bahubali 2 1st Day, 1st Weekend, Worldwide, Total, Overseas Collection Prediction

Bahubali 2 1st Day Collection | Bahubali 2 Weekend Collection | Bahubali 2 Total Collection

Bahubali 2: The Conclusion the most awaited movie of the year which is franchise of Bahubali movie which going to reveal biggest secret which become trends of previous years and every talking about this which is shown In at end Bahubali in which Kattapa killed Bahubali between war but as first part is all about Bahubali Son story so for to know why does kattapa kill Bahubali they going to show story before Bahubali son birth which is going to great because where it started and war scene between Bahubali and rana will epic as this movie budget already cross 150 Crore money so this will be interesting to see what new factor added in war and love story will going to awesome so there are so many reasons to watch Bahubali

Bahubali 2 First Day Collection Opening Day Report

As Bahubali 2 is going to launch on 28 April which is on Friday just like Bollywood movie but this after getting massive success Bahubali movie team decide to launch relaunched or schedule previous part in theatre just few day before movie launched but this trick is fail but because audience do not show any response there is no good income at Box office collection and within 5 days theatre owner stop screening movie and started showing recently launched movie but it will not affect at Bahubali 2 Frist day collection because this trick first time used just because people re watch movie just to increase excitement now everyone talking is this movie will break Bahubali movie record which is around 50 Crore worldwide and India Biz Collection is around 38 crore which was not record setting collection because Happy new year has record of 41 Crore on first day which is unbeaten since last 2 years so there so many expectation from Bahubali 2 movie to break this record because this movie has ability to beat this record just because there are so many good factor and first part was amazing so public already considering Bahubali 2 will be blockbuster movie so if this movie able get good review and good star ratings by top review sites then movie will set new record and broker all recent record and at first day collection Bahubali 2 will earn: 60 Crore Worldwide and India Biz will collect 43 Crore which means Bahubali 2 will be highest Frist day collection at India

Bahubali 2 1st Weekend Collection

As movie is going to release on Friday to 1st weekend of movie will be of 3 days as we predicted amount of first day which is Friday collection will be 43 Crore then second Day which means Saturday for some people count as half day of work so there will chances more collection than previous day so 2nd day collection will be around 44 Crore and on Holiday i.e. on Sunday movie will expected to earn about 45 crore so at the end Bahubali 2 1st weekend collection will be around 130 crore which is new record by beating dangal movie record of 120 crore and Bahubali 2 is only movie who deserve to hold this record if only it will match awesomeness of Dangal movie then only Bahubali 2 can set this record

Bahubali 2 Total Collection

This will make huge impact at Indian Cinema Box Office Collection because no movie till yet cross 1000 Crore of business at total Income as PK and dangal are only movie who comes near to this figure but not able to cross as both movie 700 Crore just because both movie has Aamir khan as cast because his brilliance and perfection in acting choosing script and come with one movie per year no need of promotion and just focus on acting and making character real this things automatically help to get good reviews and critics and star rating so this will automatically help long run at theatre so more will be Box office Collection and to complete this milestone movie has to showing in theatre for two month at least with good response and theatre count should be constant as per latest news in some states like tamil nadu Bahubali 2 movie is banned because of some issue and there are chances to get banned in other country to get more money at box office collection movie has to be release outside India so they also contribute money because some country has more currency rate than India, Bahubali 2 will be expected to schedule releasing in New Zeeland, Canada, UAE, Australia, Pakistan and USA, Japan in which this country has plenty of Indian people so some theatre showing screening of Indian movies, now people has one question in mind is there possibility of making this record?, so my prediction for this question yes

Bahubali 2 Worldwide Collection

This movie is sequel of Baahubali who done really great job at box office collection in worldwide also so people having expectation that Bahubali 2 will also has to earn good money at box office collection now Bahubali is collected 50 Crore on first day which was released nearly 2 year ago so this movie at first day worldwide collection will expected to earn 60 Crore and at total box office collection we already predicted amount 800 Crore which is considering overseas collection also, as because of epic war scene and animation used this movie is in noticed of foreigner people and also match Hollywood movie so getting more response from outside India

Baahubali 2 Overseas Collection

Bahubali 2 Overseas First day Collection expected will be 17 crore which is really great some movie not even collect this amount at First day Collection ay worldwide so by considering only outside india this report really huge for any movie and Bahubali 2 Total Overseas collection will be around 180 Crore which is small increment in report of Bahubali movie so if this can able to match previous movie greatness then this report will be easily possible for this movie

This above is about box office collection which is just predicted amount in rupee Indian currency or expected income set according so many factors like view count of Trailer in Youtube, Buzz report is also damn high and previous part is already blockbuster so people will watch this movie without reading review and watching public response as this Upcoming Tollywood movie based on Story of Baahubali power packed with action drama and war scene which is called as Historical fiction directed by S. S. Rajamouli and produced by Shobu Yarlagadda Prasad Devinen as there is so much confusion with the name Baahubali 2 or Bahubali 2 for hindi people its Bahubali and for tamil telugu people its Baahubali

Baahubali 2 cast

Prabhas as Shiva Mahendra Baahubali

Rana Daggubati as Bhallala Deva

Anushka Shetty as Maharani Devasena

Tamannaah as Avanthika

Ramya Krishnan as Sivagami

Sathyaraj as Kattappa

This all about movie for exact figure stay with us bookmark us will update soon after movie officially launched

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