Baahubali 2 4th Day Collection, 3 Days Worldwide Total 1st Week, Record List

Baahubali 2 4th Day Collection

Now after monstrous 1st Weekend Collection of 128 Crore in Hindi Language and at Total Worldwide Collection Movie earns 300 Crore Business and after getting huge success Baahubali 2 movie ready to bang at 4th day collection now this day running expected report will be around 35 Crore in Hindi and 85 Crore on Total 4th day Collection with considering all language collection and overseas collection after this report Baahubali 2 will cross mark of 400 Crore in just four day after collecting huge opening day amount with 121 Crore at Total Worldwide Collection, on second day total collection movie earn 100 Crore and now on third day movie able to earn 96 Crore and in Hindi this time highest collection in the language is 46 Crore in Hindi which is also called Bollywood now after third day movie able to get highest one day box office collection after beating record of happy new year starring shahrukh khan and deepika padukone movie who having record with 43 Crore which is really huge and this record finally broken by Tollywood not by Bollywood which is really shocking to see but Baahubali 2 reach the height because of gets good response at review and star rating because movie get more than 4 stars at average rating out of 5 star and also most of top reviewer says this is superb movie till date indian cinema has.

Baahubali 2 4th Day Hindi Collection: 35 Crore

Baahubali 2 4th Day India Collection: 84 Crore

Baahubali 2 4th Day Total Collection 106 Crore

Baahubali 2 4th Day Overseas Collection: 14 Crore

Now when we talk about 3 days overseas collection movie collected around 50 Crore in USA and UAE in which they highest Box office collection till date outside india as Baahubali 2 gets 9000 screen count in that more than 1000 screen count gets from outside India so because of this huge count movie able to get awesome figure at overseas Collection

Baahubali 2 4th Day Collection

Baahubali 2 Total Worldwide Collection: 396 Crore

Just 4 Crore to get 400 Crore marks as per prediction movie able to get near figure to 100 Crore but because of huge first day collection movie able to cross 300 Crore business till day 3 so we got 3 days collection which is around 301 Crore with this movie become highest grosser of 2017 year and now movie already become highest opening day grosser of this year after beating sultan, dangal movie so we can say Tollywood movie ruling at box office collection and beat Bollywood movie easily which seen first time but Baahubali 2 deserve this because we don’t find any mistake from this movie and only awesome things will be seen as director s. s. rajamouly not made single mistake in this movie which is really great to see after this people start comparing Baahubali 2 director to Hollywood movie director which is really good to see and as per sources there are chances to get Oscar nomination for Baahubali 2 movie which will be huge achievement after Slumdog milliner no movie able to get Oscar nomination. Now as we talking about Total Collection in all time Collection movie will collect more than 1000 Crore below we giving you breakdown of day wise Baahubali collection.

Baahubali 2 Day wise Collection

Baahubali 2 1st day Collection

Hindi: 41 Crore

Telugu: 50 Crore

Kannada: 12 Crore

Total: 121 Crore

Baahubali 2 2nd day Collection

Hindi: 40.5 Crore

Telugu: 19.5 Crore

Telugu: 10 Crore

Total: 82 Crore

Baahubali 2 3rd day Collection

Hindi: 46.5 Crore

Telugu: 21.5 Crore

Kannada: 12 Crore

Total: 94 Crore

Baahubali 2 1st Weekend Collection | 3 Days Collection

First Day Collection: 122 Crore Worldwide

Second Day Collection: 82 Crore Worldwide

Third Day Collection: 94 Crore Worldwide

Total Collection: 300 Crore Worldwide

After watching above figure we could this highest box office collection of 1st weekend so movie has so many record after movie now below we giving record list movie Baahubali 2 made

Baahubali 2 Record List

  • Baahubali 2 Earns 600 Crore Before Release Highest Till Date
  • Highest Opening Day India Biz Collection
  • Sold out more than 1 Million Ticket Before Release
  • Highest Overseas Collection Till Date
  • Highest One Day Collection
  • Highest Opening in USA by Indian Movie
  • Highest Screen Count In India
  • Highest Worldwide Screen Count By Indian Movie
  • First Movie Release in All main language
  • First Indian Movie available in 4K Resolution
  • Highest Hindi One Day Collection
  • Highest Opening Day Tollywood Collection
  • Fastest Movie to Reach 100 Crore,200 Crore and 300 Crore Mark
  • Highest Opening Day Collection in 2017
  • Highest Grosser All Time In 2017
  • Highest Budget Till Date In Tollywood
  • First huge Motion Picture Box Office Collection
  • Highest First Day Worldwide Collection

This is huge list some record are missing and some record is going to be broken like Highest grosser all the time and more now this is all about Baahubali 2 box office collection.

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