{3rd Day}* Raees VS Kaabil Box Office Collection, Total Business 4th Day Income

Raees Vs Kaabil 3rd Day Collection

Here is real battle begin between Raees and Kaabil which is turning out to be biggest clash of Bollywood this year now we talking about war between Raees and Kaabil the only way which can decide Winner in this movies battle is Box Office collection, as Raees taking huge lead with First day Collection 20.42 crore and Republic Day Collection 26.30 crore and after this movie officially completed Total ₹ 46.72 crore which is really awesome because movie is near to complete 50 Crore and according accuracy 100 Crore mark will be crossed after 5 Days which will set new Record and with battle of this movie Kaabil on First Day Collected 10.43 crores which is half of Raees income but after huge difference and winning heart In critics, review and star rating Kaabil makes come back by earning really good money of republic day which is Second Day at box office collection 18.67 Crore with this movie at Total box office collection movie earns 29.1 crore which is really huge report of business of Bollywood because on same day movie collecting more than 50 Crore which done first time in Bollywood and also record setting earning of one day

Raees 3rd day Collection: 24 Crore

Kaabil 3rd Day Collection: 19 Crore

Above report is expected Box office collection which is set according to previous day collection and occupancy and pre booking in theatres as we look at bookmyshow ticket booking site the all show are almost full which is says all so again third day Box office collection will be huge which will be same as Republic Day Collection now people searching for Total Business Till Now so below we provide three days Full box office collection along with grand total which also decide winner which non another than movie

Raees Vs Kaabil Third Day Collection
Raees Vs Kaabil Third Day Collection

Kaabil Vs Raees Total Business till now

First Day Collection20.42 crore10.43 Crore
Second Day Collection26.30 Crore18.67 Crore
Third Day Collection24 Crore19 Crore
Total Collection Till Now70.72 Crore48 Crore

As we see above report we figure 48 Crore which is Collected by both movie but there is difference because Raees Collected this amount in just two days and Kaabil collected this amount in three days reason behind is just because Kaabil started with low amount which cause low Total Box Office collection but still now Kaabil after day 3 giving more competition to Raees and making real trouble because after knowing star rating and reviews at critics Kaabil is movie who won hearts and this battle so income which was collected till now is all about based on pre booking and so we people are confused why kaabil is gets bad box office collection the fact is just because of star cast because we know only three name rocks at box office collection they are Shahrukh khan,  Aamir Khan and Salman khan in this battle one king is present so people choose Shahrukh khan over hrithik rohshan as both actor done last two movie which was super flop which leads fans loss to both also trust has been broken for both actor so they not able score good money at first day box office collection and one more reason is as movie was release early at week list because generally Bollywood movie release on Friday so they can capture weekend and Sunday they will have good income so instead going to Friday they decided to release Raees and Kaabil movie on Wednesday just because Republic Day holiday is on next day of release and as per their day expectation movie collected really huge money as compare to first day so this day turning out of really great day for Bollywood because if we combine both movie second Day Collection in India Biz which is more than 50 Crore as per the report this highest amount of Second day by Bollywood and with this above report Raees is first highest grosser of 2017 and Kaabil become Second highest grosser of 2017 now we talking about long run of Dangal movie which daily collection around 1 Crore after 35 days of release which really huge earning as they setting record on each day because Dangal collection on each from 4th day is highest one Day collection as passes each so there is no effect is seen on Aamir khan movie after release of both raees and Kaabil movie some theatre still screening for dangal movie which is really great news for Aamir khan and movie is rewarded as first Highest Grosser of 2016 year

Kaabil Vs Raees 4th Day Collection

Kaabil 4th Day Collection: 22 Crore expected and Raees 4th Day collection: 24 Crore expected if we take look at Saturday business we could find this battle more interesting because in both movie there is difference of 2 Crore so on fifth day there will be equal figure will be seen and at last on 6th day Kaabil will beat Raees at box office collection but at total collection raees stay winner but on this day people will get what they wishing for from long time

Now if we talking about occupancy there is huge difference because on third day there is lesser percentage which is in the range of 35 to 40 % which was down by 20% as this is working day so there will be huge difference in this battle but if talking about occupancy with respect to movie Kaabil getting more response than Raees which help to improve more money at box office collection so we just wish best of luck to kaabil for beating raees so fans gets to see what they want for more updates stay with us

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