{1st Day}* Baahubali 2 Box Office Collection Prediction, Opening Expected Income

Baahubali 2 1st Day Box Office Collection

Baahubali 2 after hearing this movie name we always think for one question is why foes kattapa kill Baahubali which is going to reveal in this part so waiting is going to be over and finally will get real reason behind this and second thing is always come in mind is Baahubali 2 will break all record like prequel does as Baahubali who set and broke all record like highest opening worldwide collection and but unfortunate movie not able to break record of Aamir khan movie PK and now again on the list of highest grosser of all time which is acquire by both Aamir khan on first two places and they are PK and Dangal after this Baahubali comes into third position which is not bad because this only movie which outside of Bollywood in India which comes in the list of all time highest grosser now question Is sequel will do which was prequel not able to do, so there are so many expectation from Baahubali 2 at box office collection as we considering income this movie already collect around 5 billion Rs. Before movie release with television and theatre rights which is new record setting collection which will help to get more collection at total box office collection of Baahubali 2

Baahubali 2  first day collection
Baahubali 2 first day collection

Baahubali 2 1st day Box Office Collection

Now after collecting Rs. 50 Crore at worldwide box office collection which was record setting because no movie done this figure but at India biz collection movie collected around 35 Crore which is not record setting amount because shahrukh khan starrer who holding record of 41 Crore with happy new year along with deepika padukone and Abhishek bachchan and boman irani and another movie is Dangal which having record of 38 Crore income which is also not able to break by Baahubali so people is having question what will be first day collection of Baahubali 2 movie and will this movie break first day box office collection record set by Bollywood movies and answer is yes because movie trailer already showed up and become most view in Tollywood history and this movie come in all language so it will more beneficial because craze of this movie is everywhere In india and movie is almost releasing in every language so it will show good effect at box office collection and will set new record at box office collection which will be around 60 Crore after demonstration so many movie gets very low income report just because banning notes affect movie but after long time movie getting response which was usually gets for movies now so this figure will be acceptable and will be true not for sure but actual figure will be somewhat new about this amount and in Indian Collection movie will collect around 42 to 45 Crore which means Baahubali 2 become highest opening day Grosser all time beating all Bollywood movies and after storm of this movie become and keep setting new record at each day movie will set highest individual figure

Baahubali 2 1st day Box Office Collection India Biz: 42 Crore

Baahubali 2 1st day Box Office Collection Worldwide: 60 Crore

Baahubali 2 Box Office Collection Prediction

Here we provide expected amount will be able collect by Baahubali 2 movie, first we see 1st three day collection which is set according to India Biz Earning only and will be around 43 Crore, 42 Crore and 38 Crore because on only first day we will see more rush and every theatre will be house full and as per last movie this movie getting small amount every day for almost 2 months for sure which helps to enter at Highest grosser all time and will beat movies like pk and Dangal but this possibility of becoming 1st at this table Is 50% because it come true when movie will get great star rating at least above 3 star and have to impress audience then only it happen at box office collection

Highest Grosser all time in India

  1. PK
  2. Dangal
  3. Baahubali
  4. Bajrangi Bhaijaan
  5. Dhoom 3

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