{₹ 100 Cr.}* Raees Vs Kaabil 6th Day Collection, 1 Weekend Worldwide Overseas Business

Raees Vs Kaabil Six Day Collection

Yesterday both movie completed first week in theatre and they collecting very good box office collection individually as they setting new mark and breaking record with Raees first total collection in India Biz is 92.35 Crore and Kaabil on first weekend collected around 67.46 Crore as if look at figure we will know Raees taking huge lead over Kaabil by collection 20 crore more now we talking about Raees Vs Kaabil 6th Day Collection which nothing but working day so there will be huge drop will be seen at Box office collection report as per previous record we giving prediction below with respect to screen count and pre booking on online sites and official report of Raees and Kaabil 5th day collection is out so Raees collected 16.80 crores on Sunday with grand total of five days collection of 92.35 Crore kaabil collected 15.05 Crore on Sunday with the Total figure ₹ 67.46 Crore now considering this we giving below prediction first Monday collection

Raees Vs Kaabil 6th Day Collection
Raees Vs Kaabil 6th Day Collection

Raees Vs Kaabil 6th Day Collection

Raees 6th Day Collection: 11 Crore

Kaabil 6th Day Collection: 9.5 Crore

Battle really going well as per previous post prediction Kaabil will beat Raees at Box Office collection after six or seven days which come true the reason is only one because Kaabil is far better than Raees if we look at review then Kaabil get really get review but Raees get worst review as this shahrukh khan movie which average at review not makes any affect at box office collection so from long time Raees ruling at total box office collection so with star rating and critics kaabil not able to beat till date so there is long waiting for this moment of Kaabil beat Raees which is now one crore away it is possible to see this in two three days

Kaabil Vs Raees Worldwide Collection

As there are so many fans of shahrukh khan out indian so there is addition of more money at box office collection which improve total worldwide collection in which Raees collection 146 crore in just five day so which means in more four to five days Raees will set new record of completing 200 Crore and will become first most who reached milestone of 200 crore in 2017 as this movie is become highest grosser of this year after beating Kaabil who collected around 102 Crore which also good amount because this movies screening divided into half so they can get same response but also in this battle Raees movie won again in Worldwide Collection just because Shahrukh is only actor who has so many fans outside India because of his romantic nature as Raees based on action drama thriller and story which is based on mafia so there is something different to see this time so many of people thinking that because of he not doing romantic movie his overseas fans will not watch movie but unthinkable happen shahrukh khan movie raees good even better than his previous romantic which really great and some American newspaper also give review which really great achievement for him and fans talking about that he has to make debut at Hollywood movie but he don’t want to go there because of love of his fans now lets see who will overcome at worldwide collection win at end of battle

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