Jolly LLB 2 1st Day Opening Friday Box Office Collection Vs Raees, Sultan, Dangal

Jolly LLB 2 1st Day Collection

After lots of controversy of casting and budget Jolly LLB 2 is ready to set release on second month of 2017 which is turning out to be most awaited of this year after shahrukh khan and mahira khar starrer Raees just because of one fame Akshay Kumar name is enough to calculate awesomeness of movie because only actor of Bollywood who improve his acting day by day and he is famous for giving back to back super hit movies with strong message from last 3 years he doing very inspirational movies which was very impressive and awesome which leads to increase akshay kumar in large number as per box office collection report he is most successful actor of 2016 year at Bollywood which makes him special because in one year he done more than 3 movies in which all turning out super hit so he can able to match salman khan, shahrukh khan and aamir khan because this three star release their one movie in one year which make them special beside this akshay kumar comes for many time with realistic and motivational movies so people gives more love to him, he not able set record big records like highest grosser of current year or highest first day box office collection or highest total collection but his movie earns profitable amount more than 400% because of this his fees increases with every next movie as be said akshay kumar not able set any record but his movie can make good average money which comes after three khans which makes him so special because he is only actor beside khan getting pretty good response, when we look at his previous few movies like Rustom, Housefull 3, Airlift, Singh is Bling, Brothers, Gabbar is Back, Baby and The Shaukeen in this movies when akshay kumar done serious movies is done marvellous job in acting, rating, review and also In box office collection and if he goes for comedy drama movies his rating and box office collection was lower so we could say he king of intentional movies now below we provide expected first day collection report according to previous movies

Jolly LLB 2 Box Office Collection Prediction

Jolly LLB 2 First Day Collection: 20 Crore

Jolly LLB 2 2nd Day Collection: 19 Crore

Jolly LLB 2 3rd Day Collection: 25 Crore

Jolly LLB 2 1st Weekend Collection: 64 Crore

Above report is set considering different factor like star cast in which one name is enough akshay kumar because his previous movies already collect this amount so this report can be reality after that as this is sequel of very popular movie of Jolly LLB based on courtroom drama starring Arshad warsi so this will be plus factor for this movie, as Jolly LLB 2trailer already released and getting really awesome response by getting millions of views and also two songs released starring Akshay kumar and huma Qureshi which is really beautiful, after issue between director and Arshad warsi for not casting him was trending few month ago but now all fine because Arshad warsi will be making special appearance role in this movie, as this movies power packed drama, comedy and emotions which makes very special as most of people want to see funny side akshay kumar always because he does it very nicely so movie will be getting more response as expected

As we talking about lifetime business this movies will earn about Rs. 200 crore but if this movie will able to get good review and star rating which means comes with eye catching acting and script then only able to mark word super hit and earn more than 300 crore which really great news for akshay kumar no movies till date not able to reach this amount if this movie make this possible it will be greatest movie of akshay kumar but if you watched his previous inspirational we could say no movie can reach awesomeness but as always because of less diehard fans akshay kumar always has less box office collection below we going to compare Jolly LLB 2 with previous year movies in the category of box office collection

Jolly LLB 2 Vs Raees Collection

When we talking about this two movies we could say this is battle of Akshay kumar action hero and shahrukh khan romance king but this time they both are in different character shahrukh khan this time playing action hero role so people will respond more to Raees than Jolly LLB 2 but if Raees fails at star ratings and review then no one able to stop akshay kumar movie to set new record and beat Raees so anything is possible but most probably according my opinion Shah rukh khan will wins means Raees will be winner

Jolly LLB 2 Vs Sultan collection

Last year blockbuster movie starring salman khan and Anushka sharma name Sultan based on wrestling action drama which was turning out to be bested movie of salman khan because he done fabulous job because of this till December first two movies was on highest grosser of last year and just because of dangal set new record sultan hold second spot but still at Total box office collection and india biz collection sultan earns good money and cross 500 crore of business now if we talking about salman khan (sultan) and akshay kumar (Jolly LLB 2) then off course at battle of box office collection sultan will be winner at any condition

Jolly LLB 2 Vs Dangal collection

Dangal is last year launched movie starring Aamir khan name is enough to explain box office collection record as this is most successful movies till now because this movie set new record like highest day wise collection till day 25, highest grosser all the time and may be one more record will be set that the first who cross 1000 crore so you will how awesome movie is because it no one can matches this movie rather than aamir khan so there is no possibility of breaking dangal movie record by Jolly LLB 2 so winner of this battle is dangal

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