Jolly LLB 2 1st Day Box Office Collection Opening Friday Business Screen Count  

Jolly LLB 2 1st Day Collection

Now after the clash between Raees and Kaabil people excited to know what will be the Jolly LLB 2 1st Day Box Office Collection just because of two reason I.e. starring of Akshay kumar who have doing fabulous and inspirational movie which having complete drama and entertainment with one strong message to youth and residence of India so people always waiting for his movie and next thing is this movie is franchisee of Jolly LLB which will have same concept but different story line and as previous of starring harshad warsi was pretty awesome, now Jolly LLB 2 first day collection will not defined movie because we will simply say movie goanna be really awesome just because combination of Akshay kumar and director Subhash kumar will be creative so there are less chances of getting flop so for those who wanted to know Opening Friday Collection before movie we giving below expected amount which will be near to actual collection and also depends on different factors like pre booking on online sites, trailer views  of YouTube, other social media sites trending chart and buzz report which is in the form of Thanda Garam in that Jolly LLB 2 movie meter at Garam section.

Jolly LLB 2 1st Opening Day Collection: 14 Crore Approx.

As we already mention that above report is just prediction so there will be small drop or increment will be seen because this we cannot predict exact amount but still as previous report are mostly true while prediction time so this will be hopefully same as movie Is going to release tomorrow so there are some official website already started with prediction and most of top observer predict amount in between range of 12 Crore to 14 Crore so just wait to for one more day and day after tomorrow you will get exact report which is will be not decider of movie hit or flop but it will decide next days box office collection and will gives rough idea of Total Collection but as per reports Total Expected business will be around 200 Crore in domestic as Dangal already crossed 300 Crore of business in 45 days which is massive report of Bollywood because in domestic collection only movie who earn this much amount was PK and by defeating pk movie Aamir khan again break his own record because as we see every time when he comes with new movie he break his own record which was set in previous so throughout the year there are so many movies comes and set new record but at end of year what happen is Aamir khan comes with just one movie and become highest grosser of the year and make all Bollywood on notice which is really awesome as Aamir khan fan so there are no chances that Jolly LLB 2 will beat Dangal reason is simple he has good script better story but not able to match awesomeness of Aamir khan and there is one more thing is akshay kumar releases 3 4 movies every movie is good so he become highest paid actor of Bollywood and also highest grosser Bollywood actor which is great achievement for him because his fan following increasing day by day so there is improvement in box office collection also so he easily earns more money than Aamir khan single movie and just because of this people will get bored just because he comes for many times and Aamir khan comes once so people respond more just because of his perfection and hard work of one year he puts in the movie how he took effort to do this all about why Jolly LLB 2 not able to break Dangal record now back to Jolly LLB 2 above report of 1st day and Total collection are not huge but for akshay kumar is manageable but if movie able to impress at Review and star rating by getting awesome review and star rating more than 3 out of 5 then no other movie will stop this at box office collection and no one can stop Jolly LLB 2 to become highest grosser of this year now on that table raees making lead which was release 3 week ago along with Kaabil which leads to Clash between which really awesome to see because after day 11 day both box office collection difference is very small and thing is happened that people wishing from day 1 I.e. audience want to Kaabil win at single day box office collection which is expected to happened on day 13 but just because of small difference this was not happened but still with less screen count than Raees movie kaabil able to give enough competition to Raees who is leading just because of shahrukh khan and decent story apart from this Kaabil having really awesome story now people wondering what will happen when Raees vs Jolly LLB 2 and Kaabil Vs Jolly LLB 2 is consider according buzz report and prediction table of Jolly LLB 2 in the battle Jolly LLB 2 vs Raees Shahrukh khan raees will be winner and in second battle Jolly LLB 2 vs Kaabil In that akshay kumar starring Jolly LLB 2 will be winner which will result into Jolly LLB 2 is second highest grosser of 2017 year which is good enough for Akshay Kumar and team because more movie is releasing for akshay kumar and for team this movie is very low budget which will be in the profit more than 400% which means Jolly LLB 2 is Blockbuster and most profitable movies till date

Jolly LLB 2 Worldwide Collection

Before we start with worldwide collection we could talk about movie Jolly LLB 2 is upcoming Bollywood movie which is based on drama comedy of court which is sequel of Jolly LLB movie with starring big stars than previous part i.e. Akshay Kumar, Huma Qureshi and Annu Kapoor and written and directed by Subhash Kumar so again this courtroom drama between lawyer and judge in that lawyer is oppose Indian legal system in which movie is explaining why more than 10 Crore cases are pending and what is actual problem faced by court and there are some real fact of indian courts which will gives idea of our system with strong message which is turning out be great concept at Bollywood movie because no one done movie on this movie as we know akshay kumar is only actor who comes with this type movies which are super hit and awesome to watch so this time also he leading movie which increases greatness of this movie so don’t look at review and star rating just go for movie and watch now back to the topic as Akshay Kumar last wo year build so many fans in India and also in outside in India which help him for good Worldwide box office collection because most of time while considering big stars Worldwide Collection is always 70% more than Domestic or India Biz Collection if we considering Domestic income of 200 Crore so Worldwide Jolly LLB 2 Collection will be around 350 Crore which really great if we compare with budget and previous record of Akshay kumar movies so fans will be happy so this happening

Jolly LLB 2 Screen Count

Now while talking about screen count then Jolly LLB 2 will get less screen because already hit movie running in theatre which are Raees and Kaabil so expected screen count will be around 3000 screen which Is not acceptable but because of this two already launched movie getting good response and great rating and just completed 15 day at box office collection there is more to come and little run is remaining so for 5 days after Jolly LLB 2 release there will be less screen count after that movie will get more screen as per expectation and no other movie releasing for next 3 4 weeks so there is good chances of collection good money at box office collection and setting of record and this movie releasing on Friday which means non holiday day normal weekend day so less attention will be gives for two days after that when official holiday which Sunday comes then screen count will automatically increases and will have good income at box office collection

Jolly LLB 2 Day Wise Collection

DaysIndia Biz CollectionWorldwide Collection
First Day14 Crore20 Crore
Second Day16 Crore21 Crore
Third Day19 Crore25 Crore
Forth Day12 Crore17 Crore

Above report is just prediction Is set according to record of Previous movies of star cast and Director and as Prequel is already hit this report is getting huge increment and good report which can set new records for 2017 year so just wait for movie and enjoy movie near you

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