{1st Day}* Raees Vs Kaabil Box Office Collection Review, , Pole, Audience Response

{1st Day}* Raees Vs Kaabil Box Office Collection Review, , Pole, Audience Response

Raees is most awaited movie of Shahrukh Khan which supposed to release on Eid, 2016 while teaser was launched on Eid, 2015 but due to Salman decided to release his Blockbuster Hit Sultan at the same event, So Shahrukh Khan and his team take a wise decision to postpone their release. But again Kaabil which is produced by Rakesh Roshan and directed by Sanjay Gupta and Starring Yami Gautam- Hrithik Roshan a fresh new pair releasing at the occasion of Republic Day on the same day that of Raees. Due to this clash Rakesh Roshan pre-poned his movie Kaabil which was set to release on 26 Jan, 2016 by 12 hours, immediately after that Shahrukh and His team decided to release their movie 24 hours early by Republic day that is on 25th January. Rakesh Roshan said he never seen this type of childish behavior in his 50 years of Bollywood Industry. From that sentence you can imagine that how much Rakesh Roshan has been hurt by Shahrukh Khan. Once upon a time Shahrukh Khan and Rakesh Roshan together gave us all time Blockbuster Hit ‘Koyla’.

{1st Day}* Raees Vs Kaabil Box Office Collection Review, , Pole, Audience Response
{1st Day}* Raees Vs Kaabil Box Office Collection Review, , Pole, Audience Response

Raees Movie Review and Public Response

Raees finally released today on 25th January at Indian (Domestic) and Overseas Box Office. Movie length is bit long that is 2 Hrs and 35 Min, but if you are going to watch it for Bollywood King Baadshah Shahrukh Khan then it will be nothing matter for you. All the weight of movie is on Shahrukh who is leading this movie in and As ‘Raees’. And somewhat is on all time favorite Nawazuddin Siddiqui who is playing role of Policeman who has been posted in the area Gujarat where Raees is driving his illegal Alcohol Business. This story of Raees is of early or mid 70’s but will entertain you a lot specially ‘Laila me Laila’ song screened by Sunny Leone will make you feel dance on stage of theater. Mahira Khan has very short time on screen for only Songs and few emotional scenes. All the time full focus is on one and only Shahrukh Khan playing role of ‘Raees’. This movie cannot be compared with Amir Khan’s Dangal but we can predict that easily Raees will not able to chase Dangal at Box Office. Audience Response is very well for Raees as compared to that of Kaabil featuring Hrithik and Yami. We can see up to 60 to 65% occupancy for Raees at Morning shows in Metro Cities.

raees box office collection
raees box office collection

Raees Movie Star Ratings by IMDB, TOI and Indian Express

Raees overall star rating is 3 out of 5 if make an average of all star ratings of news channels and movie reviewers. Raees movie star rating that is what we are going to discuss right now.  Movies has released officially at Indian and Overseas Box Office. Raees movie star rating we can say it is not too bad as well as at the same time it is not too good. After seeing that figures we think Raees is an Ordinary movie with a old formula story of Police/Criminal kind of story with a Big Starring of Shahrukh Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. If you are Big fan that is trending word ‘Jabra Fan’ of SRK then you must watch this movie anyhow. Don’t look at figures and star ratings, just go and watch and enjoy treat by Shahrukh Khan at Republic Day event. The star Ratings are shown in the table below for SRK’s Raees by Famous and Reputed news channels in Indian Business and news and Popular Movie Reviewers such as IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.

Below in the table which is under the Header of Raees Vs Kaabil Reviews and Star Ratings, you can find out which movie has got better review and ratings.


Kaabil Movie Review and Public Response

Before telling review of Kaabil, let me tell you story of Kaabil in short.  Kaabil story starts with a character of Hrithik Roshan which is blind and professionally a dubbing artist with a great voice with a dream of having a simple life with a nice partner who will fill his incompleteness and stay and keep him happy. Now, Yami Gautam enters in story is also playing a role of blind young girl. Then she gets in love with Hrithik Roshan. And now romance starts but after this happiness villain makes entry. Actually there are 2 villains in the story and they are real life brothers Ronit and Rohit Roy. They rapes and kills Yami Gautam and force Hrithik Roshan to be Revenge Taking Husband. The end that is Climax of this movie is very good, emotional and interesting. That part I will not tell you.  For that you have to go to the theater and watch the movie.

That’s all about story and flow of Kaabil now let’s discusses review and public response of movie Kaabil. Reviews are more than good from all critics and readers of our blog.  Many are saying that Hrithik has played best performance of his entire career in Kaabil. Yami Gautam is looking very fresh and with a new looks pairing with Hrithik Roshan. Villains brothers are always good and satisfying their role at fullest. So overall Review is far good and movie will stay on the box office more than 1 month that is sure.


Kaabil Movie Star Ratings by IMDB, TOI and Indian Express

Kaabil Overall star rating is 4 out of 5 if we make an average of all news channels and movie reviewers.  Now a day’s getting 4 stars is also a very great achievement so we can expect a lot from Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil. And it is sure that Kaabil will entertain you at its fullest also Hrithik Roshan’s best performance ever you can see and feel in this movie Kaabil. We have mentioned the star ratings given by reputed and famous news channels and movie reviewers such as IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes too.


Raees Vs Kaabil Review, Winner, which movie should watch?

According to star ratings Kaabil movie has won against Raees that means Hrithik Roshan with his career’s best performance beats Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan. But the thing is SRK has much better fan following than that of Hrithik Roshan. And also Raees is not a bad film or got very bad rating it’s also a more than average film. So we would recommend you that you should watch both movies at the theater if you have pocket full else you must go for Kaabil. And for those who are ‘Jabra Fan’ of SRK they are anyhow going for Raees there is no doubt of it. Below in the table we have provided detailed star ratings for Raees Vs Kaabil one of the biggest clashes ever in Bollywood industry.



News Channel / Movie ReviewersRaees Star RatingsKaabil Star Ratings
Times of India3.5/54/5
Indian Express2.5/51.5/5
Indian Express2.5/51.5/5
Hindustan Times2/53.5/5
Celebs Cinema Media4/54/5
Rotten Tomatoes85%NA




Raees First Opening day Collection, Poll Buzz

Raees is having very good occupancy since even morning shows about 65 to 70%. And it is increasing as day is going on. Raees has been release in India with more than 2500 screens that would be more if it was solo release but due to clash with Hrithik Roshan’ Kaabil Raees has to go with few less screens. But even though Raees will able to be part of Rs 100 Cr club in its first week only due to the mid week release and National Holiday Republic day benefit along with regular long weekend. According to our Sources Raees 1st day Box Office Collection will be more than Rs 22 Cr and less than Rs 26 Cr. This is very good for a movie which is releasing on non-Friday. But on the next day that Republic Day it would boosted to Rs 30 Cr that figure could be more but due to India England T20 Match it will slightly affect Raees Box Office Collection. This thing will repeat on Sunday also as there is 2nd T20 match between India and England.


Kaabil First Opening Day Collection, Poll Buzz

Kaabil is also getting very good public response we must say better than Raees as Hrithik Roshan has performed his best ever Performance in this movie Kaabil of his entire career of 17 Years. Kaabil has released with 1500 screens in India which is too less as compared if Kaabil would released solo. That is going to affect on overall profit and Kaabil Box Office Collection. But the better thing about that is there are chances that Kaabil could beat Raees which will happen 1st time in Bollywood that SRK will lose in his 9th Clash ever in his Bollywood career. We have to accept that Kaabil will not earn money same as that of Raees but in terms of popularity and Budget-Profit Ratio Kaabil will become the winner.

Kaabil 1st opening Day Box Office Collection has not been calculated yet but our prediction from Review and Star rating is it will achieve Rs 18 Cr in Indian Box Office on its very 1st Day. For more predictions about Kaabil 1st week detailed and total Box Office Income you should refer our table which is mentioned in the bottom of this post.

Raees Vs Kaabil 1st Opening Day Collection, Who will win?

Raees Vs Kaabil which is 1st Clash of this year 2017 and both are big budget and big starrer movie and clashing on the occasion of Republic Day is very bad for both. In terms of reviews and star ratings also Kaabil has beaten Raees with very big number. So it will be interesting to see what will be result of this clash at the end of this 1st week.  Rakesh Roshan already predicted at the Dangal Premiere show that if Raees and Kaabil release solo they could earn Rs 300 Cr at Indian Box Office but now they both together will earn that figure. That means this is huge loss for Rakesh Roshan and Shahrukh Khan too. By the way let’s come to the important point Raees Vs Kaabil 1st Day Collection. Right now we didn’t get the exact figure of both movies.  But according to Reviews, star ratings, theater occupancy, screen counts and Public Response we have assumed that this would be the numbers for both movies. We have provided full week Box Office Collection Expected for the clash of Raees Vs Kaabil in detailed and real time manner. Although on Raees would beat Kaabil in Number of Crores but in the Profit Ratio Kaabil is the real winner. Also Kaabil got much better star rating than that of Raees.

So for us Kaabil is the real winner of Raees Vs Kaabil Clash at Box Office. There are many plus points for movie Kaabil such as Hrithik Roshan’s Best Acting ever in his career, Ronit Roy- Rohit Roy played very well as Villain and Fresh new pair of Hrithik and Yami Gautam. Both movies will able to collect Rs 100 Cr in their 1st Week only as the long and extended weekend with a package of National holiday Republic day.  Indian Vs England T20 series will harm little bit on the Box Office Collection of Both Raees Vs Kaabil. But it will be negligible for them if we compare that there were no clash and solo release.


Day Wise Collection ExpectedRaeesKaabil
Day 1 WednesdayRs 25 CrRs 18 Cr
Day 2 ThursdayRs 30 CrRs 25 Cr
Day 3 FridayRs 27 CrRs 23 Cr
Day 4 SaturdayRs 30 CrRs 27 Cr
Day 5 SundayRs 35 CrRs 30 Cr
1st Week TotalRs 147 CrRs 123 Cr
Day 1 WednesdayRs 25 CrRs 18 Cr
Day 1 WednesdayRs 25 CrRs 18 Cr


Above Figures are just for you to get some idea about how will Raees Vs Kaabil performances for their 1st week.  Kaabil Collection will jump high and high as days will pass. The reason behind that will be Mouth Publicity which always works if the film is actually good and deserves at least one time watch at theaters.

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